William Everson Wines

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Garagiste wines

William Everson Wines are handcrafted in the long established tradition of the garagiste: small barrel selections, limited quantities and an extra measure of care and attention make these distinctive and uncommon. Their fresh and contemporary style is balanced by a natural, authentic and unblemished character that tells of an ancient craft, passed down from generation to generation.


Sauvignac Blanc

Sauv Blanc/Chardonnay 2010:
Wine of origin Elgin. Blend of 50% of each cultivar, only 1500 bottles done, Chardonnay slightly wooded before blending, fresh acidity, light and easy drinking. Analysis; 12% Alc PH 3.34 TA 7.2 g/l RS 3.4 g/l

Chardonnay 2009: 
Wine of origin, Elgin. Light yellow colour with lemon on the nose, crisp and light in the mouth with the wood being soft and not overpowering the balance and fruit of the wine, filtered but not cold stabilized and may show crystals in the bottle. Analysis: 14% Alc  PH 3.51  TA 5.1 g/l RS 1.6 g/l

Shiraz 2008: 
Wine of origin: Paarl. Big, inky black wine, hints of stewed prunes and black cherries, ripe and inviting but not overdone. Full bodied and flavoured, easy on the palate with touches of black pepper and mocha .Tannins integrated and balanced. Analysis 16% Alc  PH 3.53  TA6.5 g/l  RS 3.9g/l


Shiraz Mourvedre 2008

Shiraz/Mourvedre 2008:
Wine of origin, Elgin. 80% Shiraz blended with 20% Mourvedre from same farm. Deep red with youthful purple rim, savoury flavours with prune and cherry on the background. Tannins upfront but have been cleverly worked. Analysis: 14% alc  PH 3.52  TA6.7 g/l  RS 1.5 g/l

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Stellenbosch:
23 year old vines not pruned or irrigated. Only 1000kgs of grapes, small berries, fermented in open barrel, 750 bottles. Alc 13% RS 1.7g/l TA 5.9 g/l PH 3.7 a fine to keep a few years.

Shiraz 2009:
Elgin origin, a fruity elegant light style of Shiraz, soft tannins, a drop of Mourvedre to get a nice spicy tone to the flavour. Alc 13,5 % TA 7.0 g/l RS 1.4 g/l

Stones End Pinot Noir 2010:
Stellenbosch origin, limited volume of 750 bottles,light berry & forest floor flavours, Alc 13,0% TA 5.0 g/l RS 1.3 g/l Light oaking, drinking well as a Pinot

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