Wilderer Grappa


Distilling with love

Helmut Wilderer, a successful restaurateur, moved from Germany to South Africa in 1994, he had a goal: To produce the finest possible Grappa and Eau de Vie from the country’s best fruits.

After completing training in Austria and Germany, Helmut recieved his Master Distiller diploma and set up his fully imported high-tech copper still in Stellenbosch in 1995.


World class

He became the first producer of Grappa and Eau de Vie in South Africa. In the same year he managed to put the country on the international map by winning his first medals in Austria.

In January 2000, Wilderer’s Distillery moved from Stellenbosch to Paarl. Visiting the new Distillery on the Wine-Route (R45) to Franshhoek (just 3 km outside Paarl) is a must for Schnaps and Grappa lovers.


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