Savingnac Potstill Brandy

Savingnac Potstill Brandy

Single cask potstill brandy

Savingnac Potstill Brandy is South Africa’s finest spirit, rare and rich, and completely natural.

Savingnac brandy is steeped in history and tradition.  In the late 17th century Huguenot farmers were drawn to the wild Wellington valley by its fertile soils and cool streams. Pierre Cronier was the first owner of Versailles, and in 1688 he began to apply his Gallic flair and wine growing skills to shape the future of his land.  His dreams have in turn become our future.

Versailles and the valley flourished, and Wellington gained a reputation for fine wines and brandies that endures today. Cultivated in the shadow of the Limietberg, and watered by gentle rains, the  vines yield grapes perfect for Savingnac. The farms along our Kromme River boast fine Cape farmsteads, rich in history and shaded by oaks under which tales are still told of the passion and romance of the early farmers’ life.

Savingnac has become the ultimate concentration and expression of the noble grape in South Africa.  Specially made wine, much finer than contemplated by most producers, is twice distilled in our copper pot still to concentrate both flavour and alcohol and then matured for a minimum ten years in French oak.  Over the years the clear and fiery young spirit mellows to red-gold, vibrant liquor with layer upon layer of alluring flavour.  The mature brandies are proofed with soft filtered rain water before bottling giving a silken but intense mouth feel.

Roger Jorgensen

Distiller Roger Jorgensen

Taste it.  Wave after wave of richness and complexity tease the senses: marmalade and molasses, cinnamon and clove, coffee and chocolate, hazelnut and nutmeg, old rose and raisin, vanilla and sandalwood all in a whiff: pure Savingnac, and nothing else.

Note:  Savingnac Brandies are vintage dated to denote the year of initial production, and all Savingnac is matured for at least 12 years, usually longer.  Only one cask at a time is bottled, unblended, making each bottle unique and each sip like contemplating a journey with something wonderful from nature.

Savingnac Potstill Brandy is another super premium handcrafted creation from Jorgensen’s Distillery.

For further reading go to Cape Town Magazine for an article on Jorgensen’s Distillery!

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