Napier Brewery

Napier logo

Southern most brewery in Africa

Napier Brewery, situated in Napier in the Overberg, is home to the Southern most brewery in Africa. Started by three friends who wanted to not only add some sparkle to this little town but also be a part of creating their own beer that others would be able to enjoy, Napier Brews have since become favourites to many who look for full flavoured beer.

Napier bottles

Made with passion

Napier Brewery appears at many festivals, markets and beer events around the Cape but as they have just purchased a bottling machine their brews will now be more widely available. But that does not mean mass-production!

One bottle at a time is the fastest Mark Humphrey & Richard Hammond can bottle their brews and that’s the passion and care that people enjoy when they crack open a Napier.

Napier currently make three styles of beer:

Chester Williams

Jamie, Chester Williams, Richard & an Ale

Napier Lager – This full flavoured lager has a slight sweetness and an excellent finish. Easy to drink, this bottom fermented beer is a firm favourite.

Napier Ale – The most popular brew from Napier, many enjoy the slight bitterness produced from the hops. Fermented at room temperature Napier Ale has a wonderful roasted barley flavour.

Napier ‘Old Charlie’ Stout – The newest brew from Napier, their stout has been very well received. This dark roasted traditional flavour is also excellent when mixed with an Ale to produce a Black & Tan.

To find out more about Napier Brewery, or to arrange a visit and tasting, have a look at their website.

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