Jorgensen’s Gin

Jorgensen's Gin

An exception-to-the-rule gin

Jorgensen’s Gin is a wacky blend of zesty Macedonian Juniper and peppery Grains of Paradise from wild West Africa. It has top notes provided by a basket of odd organic botanicals from our spice room: angelica root, orris root, bitter and sweet citrus peels, buchu, coriander, rose petals, rose geranium and rare wild ginger are grown in our own garden, and liquorice root and bitter apricot kernels come from the Klein Karoo.


Macedonian Juniper

This exception-to-the-rule gin is hand crafted in tiny batches in a copper pot still. The more delicate botanicals for each batch are suspended in the still above the purest wine spirit to bathe in its vapours. This gentle bathing gives our gin delicacy and finesse appreciated by almost nobody as we only make small amounts for one-in-a-million individuals and aficionados.

Orange zest

Can you smell the naartjie?

Enjoy Jorgensen’s Gin in the classic cocktail using Noilly Prat vermouth, with or without that green olive. The dryness of Noilly Prat makes it the vermouth of choice for connoisseurs. Check out and ask your barista. Alternatively make yourself a Jorgensen’s Dash ‘n Splash: make it a double on cubes with a dash of bitters and a splash of tonic.

Note: most commercial gins are made in a factory where there is little time or place for finesse. The aromatics are either boiled in neutral spirit which can lead to harshness, or made by adding essences. Jorgensen’s Gin uses only the finest genuine exotic aromatics and adheres to time honoured traditional distillation techniques.

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