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Cobra Premium 5% ABV

Cobra, originally crafted in Bangalore using a traditional Indian blend of ingredients, including maize and rice and a little less gas, is the perfect complement to spicy food, particularly curry. It’s also a renowned beer award-winner because in its own unique way Cobra combines the smoothness of ale with the refreshment of lager.

Cobra 5% Premium is preferred by Indian restaurants throughout the world to accompany their cuisine. Through the generations they have learnt how to blend the right ingredients to create the perfect curry experience and Cobra is quite simply made for curry yet has the quality of ingredients and brewing expertise to be enjoyed as a fine beer in its own right.

The restaurants serve their carefully honed cuisine with Cobra because its traditional flavours, aromas, less gas and smoothness make it the ideal alcoholic drink to release the sophisticated tastes of Indian cuisine. It actually ‘resets’ the palate with each mouthful so whether you relish the hottest spice or enjoy more delicate dishes, Cobra is the perfect complement to curry.

Cobra beers

5% or not?

Cobra Zero 0.0% ABV

Cobra Zero is a premium quality, great tasting, alcohol-free beer. Ideal to accompany a lunch-time or maybe a mid-week meal when you’ve got a busy day ahead, and, of course, for when you would just prefer to have an alcohol-free beer.

Cobra Zero is brewed to an award-winning recipe using natural ingredients and the Cobra Master Brewers have used all their creativity and experience to make Cobra Zero an alcohol-free beer with the same smooth, rounded taste as all Cobra beers.

Cobra Zero is the perfect, alcohol-free, complement to curry and spicy food and an authentic choice if you want both the fine flavours of Cobra and to enjoy the full range of accompaniments to your curry, just without the alcohol.

Cobra Premium & Cobra Zero is imported by the Beverage Emporium.

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