Camelthorn Brewing Company


A new lifestyle approach

Well over 20 years after the pioneers of micro brewing started their adventurous journey of crafting their own beers in the United States,  Namibia has joined this exciting world of freshly brewed beer varieties.

Jörg Finkeldey, a South African trained Chemical Engineer worked most of his adult life in the brewing trade specifically in designing and selling micro brewing equipment from Upsala in  Sweden to Cape Town South Africa – from Costa Rica to Noumea in New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

CBC range

A beautiful range

Jörg returned home to his country to grow up his two American born boys , Miko and Max and together with his Namibian wife Ulla managed to raise the required funds to start the Micro Brewery in Namibia.

He chose a Namibian indigenous acacia erioloba better known as the Camelthorn Tree symbolizing the endurance and spirit of surviving the worst of droughts.

As deep routed as the Camelthorn tree is, as deep routed is the Namibian brewing tradition. The early brewing pioneers resemble the resilience of the Camelthorn and we shall continue this quest for endurance and survival.” The first beer was tapped on 8/8/2009 exactly one year after acquiring a brewing license the first to be awarded since the 1920’s. Camelthorn Brewing Company now boasts with 4 different beers and an occasional seasonal delight.

CBC Weizen

A classic wheat beer

Bavaria cannot be any closer – our beer recipe designed by a Bavarian world champion brewmaster Michael Plank, ingredients from Germany and a touch of our clear blue skies occasionally scattered with white clouds that provide the water to brew this lighter somewhat drier wheat beer, tingling the back of your palate for yet another sip and possibly another glass. This open fermented bottle or cask matured masterpiece is prone to confuse your whereabouts
– yes you really are in Namibia enjoying a Bavarian style wheat beer or “Weissbier”.

CBC Helles

Unfiltered Lager

Helles Unfiltered Lager
Light in colour also promoted by the yeast still in suspension of this in southern Africa well known lager beer variety. It tempts you to question the term “Lager” and rather substitute it with Pilsner – Not really as it is the yeast that carries flavour. It is here where the extra perceived bitterness requires you to keep an open mind and allow your senses to enjoy and acquire this new beer sensation. Trust our brewmaster’s choice in the balance of bitter and aroma hops – it’ll grow on you – you’ll see!


Cool American Ale

Red American Ale
Finally we are adding to the Namibian beer landscape what America has ventured out to accomplish mid 1980’s – variety! The founder of Camelthorn Brewing Company, during his 12 years in the US was inspired by the micro brewing movement and asked his friend and World Beer Cup gold medallist, Marty Velas, to come to Namibia to brew one of his favourite ales – the American Red Ale. Jörg Finkeldey invites you to venture with him on his journey to introduce to the Namibian beer lover styles beyond our current beer horizons.

CBC Fresh

Feeling fresh

Who said beer is a “man’s” drink? Women love beer too, yet often prefer a slightly sweeter beer. Ladies we have just the brew for you!
How does an ice cold beer with a touch of citrus, producing a subtle fruity character, sound to you ? Once the fruit is added, the beer is subjected to additional maturation before bottling. Malt and hop characters are generally low to allow the fruity taste to come to the fore. The alcohol content is also kept low, no more than 2.5%. Camelthorn’s Flavoured Weissbier “FRESH” has no sugar or artificial colouring added …. Making it a healthy choice. So look out for this delicious first, especially crafted with you in mind. Make sure to get a six pack of Camelthorn FRESH to share with friends.

Seasonal beers


Named after the mighty Gemsbok

Bok Beer
This dark style, complex wheat beer, boasts a rich and malty beer taste. A variety enjoyed during the cold winter months, recipe by World Champion Brewer Michael Plank, is available for a limited appearance only.

A seasonal beer sensation crafted for a limited duration only, experimenting with exotic new flavours and beer styles. A perfect companion to any sunset.

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