Bloemendal Wines


Nestled in the Durbanville hills

The 300 year old farm Bloemendal, set in the heart of the fertile Durbanville region, originally supplied fresh produce to the Dutch East India Company ships on their way to the Spice Islands. In more recent times the area has become renowned for its grapes of exceptional quality and concentration.

Bloemendal’s first cellar was completed in 1920 and the Estate concentrated on winemaking by the planting of significant amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in the early 1960’s. Bloemendal was registered as an Estate in 1987. Concentrating on the noble cultivars, the Estate sacrificed quantity in favour of quality, soon gaining a reputation locally and internationally for its award-winning, ’boutique’ style wines, widely known as the ‘the waterlily label’.


Malbec grapes for the picking

Although blessed with an abundance of sunshine in summer, Durbanville remains one of the coolest wine-growing regions in South Africa, with a miro-climate ideally suited to the noble cultivars. The cooling effect of the surrounding hills, combined with coastal mists and heavy localised dews result in grapes with fine individual characteristics and great concentration. By contrast, chilly winters, lashed by rains chilled by the South Easter, provide deep rest for the vines in preparation for the following season.

Being part of ‘Die Kloof’, Bloemendal boasts a diverse range of vineyards, each with its own soil and slope aspects. These range from the south facing slopes of the Kanonkop to the north facing Tygerberg Hills.

This allows for optimum matching of cultivar to terroir, a very important advantage to an Estate with only 150 hectares out of a total of 239 under the vine.

Bloemendal Wijnhuis

Bloemendal Wijnhuis

Most of the deep red soils on Bloemendal are heavy Hutton-type clay with the rest being made up of Tukulu, Oakleaf and Westleigh. They are deep, cool and well-drained, but with good water retention, which allows the vineyards to be cultivated with minimal irrigation and interference, allowing nature to take its course. This, in turn reflects the terroir in the grapes carrying through to the cellar.

All Bloemendal wines are grown, made and bottled on the Estate. These wines are the result of a combination of modern cellar technology, atmospheric controlled barrel maturation cellars, limited quantity-high quality grapes and of course, and the personal touch. Through controlled crop yield and vine growth to maturation that balances fruit and wood, Bloemendal has created a limited range of wines that have won both national and international recognition.



Bloemendal Semillon 2010
The nose has hints of citrus with a floral touch complimenting the pear and fig character. A well rounded palate, with subtle earthy tones and a silky, long, lingering finish. A bold wine to compliment any “not so shy” seafood or chicken dish.



Bloemendal Bloemenblanc 2010
Bloemendal’s Bloemenblac is a blend of 74% Sauvignon Blanc and 26% Semillon. The herbaceous nose is complimented by hints of tropical fruit, guava and papaya, with inviting asparagus and green pepper undertones, brought about by the Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon synergy comes to its own on the palate, and the Semillon creates a fully creamy after-palate.


Sav Blanc

Bloemendal Sauvignon Blanc 2009
– National Winner, Top Sauvignon Blanc, Terroir Wine Awards 2010
Michelangelo, Grand D’Or, Double Gold 2010

37 year old, low yielding bush vines situated at 350m above sea level on the South Facing slopes of Cannon Kop on the Bloemendal Estate produce this remarkable grape cooled by the cold winds of the Atlantic ocean. This wine shows distinctive Durbanville dustiness with intense flavours of gooseberries, green figs and nettle. The complexity of the wine grows more evident later with the development of strong asparagus and green pepper tones.



Bloemendal Merlot 2005
A classically European style wine, with dominant eucalyptus flavours, spicy plum, cherry and succulent red berry. These Merlot grapes were harvested from a block close to a eucalyptus forest on the farm which gives it that dominant flavour. It’s an elegant wine with a velvety palate, well integrated wood, fine tannins and good accessibility.


Cab Sauv

Bloemendal Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
A refined, classically styled wine with ripe blackcurrent, red berry flavours. It’s an elegant wine with a velvety palate, well integrated oak maturation, fine tannins and good accessibility. The complexity of this wine will increase with further maturation.



Boemendal Shiraz 2003
This signature Durbanville style Shiraz offers a complex, fruity core wrapped in a well integrated spicy package. Ripe plum and liquorice with a graceful hint of black cherry and whiter pepper makes this wine the ideal partner for spicy lamb or rich oxtail. Firm tannins provide for great aging potential or enjoy this wine right now. These classic characteristics of this wine are brought about by hand picking the grapes and by using open kuips for fermentation.



Bloemendal Malbec 2009
A complex and layered nose, with an initial nutty impression followed by soft plum and cherry aromas with delicate, spicy, black pepper undertones. This young wine will mature very well, producing soft tannins.

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