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Tasting tantalizers @ Wasabi

Cooler box

A very cool cooler box

When we are on the road we are always looking to get our products into new venues, and sometimes this means pounding the pavements and trying to get to see the right people many times before having success. And then on occasion a meeting evolves which brings out the passion and love on all sides of the table and a delightful experience that was appreciated by all.

Wasabi Asian Restaurant

Treat your tastebuds

This was the case with Wasabi Asian Restaurant in Constantia Village, where we visit Jeremy at Riedel Aroma weekly to ensure his excellent store is always well stocked with our products. I had been into this exciting restaurant a number of times before I cornered MD Warren Fischer at the bar and introduced him to our catalogue.

“We need to do a tasting,” Warren said. “You bring the beer and I’ll provide the food because I’m looking for good beer.” Continue reading


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Tastings & Market

It’s been a busy week with not much time for putting fingertips to keyboard, but we’re getting ready for a wonderful busy weekend!

We will be appearing at 4 venues this weekend providing insight & tastings to some beautiful products that’ll make your day!

Friday 04 March

Tops at Spar

Cape Quarter

Tops at Spar Cape Quarter
Sindi will be presenting and providing tastings to the wonderful Jorgensen’s Distillery range of products today; the super-smooth Primitiv Vodka; the oh-so-very sexy Naked Lemon Limoncello; as well as Ireland’s only super premium Irish whiskey, the Wild Geese Irish Whiskey collection. Join her there from 16h00 – 18h00 Continue reading

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Oyster and Champagne Fest 2011

Oyster Champagne 2011

The 5th annual event!

It’s that time of the year again! Bloemendal Wine Estates Oyster and Champagne Festival 2011 will be the 5th annual event where 1000’s of oysters are washed down with litres and litres of champagne!

Last year some 3500 people attended the 2 day festival and we had an awesome time at our own stand where we offered tastings and sales of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey collection.

Whiskey tasting

A little whiskey with that?

This year is going to be slightly different in that our stand will be offering a wider array of top quality products not only from around the world, but also lots of South African product.

We will have our full beer & spirit range that we present at markets, as well as some awesome premium products that every discerning drinker should have in their booze cabinet as an alternative to the plonk that we are so used to. No names mentioned of course! Continue reading


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Labories Lazy Days Market

World Focus stand

A stand from heaven

Since we started World Focus 2130CC we have not only taken our product into the trade selling into liquor stores and on-consumption venues, but very importantly appeared at music festivals, food fairs and markets as a means of getting in touch with the consumer directly. We don’t only sell booze, because anybody can do that, but enjoy engaging and educating people about all of the wonderful products that we have in our stable.


Eat your heart out city-slickers!

Last Saturday, the 5th of February, saw Laborie host their first weekly Lazy Days Market in Paarl and we were once again there in force with a full range of beers, spirits and liqueurs. As I often say in welcome to inquisitive buyers, “Welcome to heaven” because anyone who enjoys good beer feels right at home when arriving at our stand! Continue reading


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International beers & gifts

Rockstar ladies

Ladies join the fun! Gents... be there!

We are very excited to have been invited to create a small international beer garden from today until Sunday at Eden on the Bay. Their market, that usually runs on Sundays, has become very popular and we had a great time there this past Sunday.

From today we will have a whole range of beautiful beers, as well as a number of other spirits that we will be offering as Christmas gifting – after all it is the season to be joyful!

I do also have to mention that on Saturday there will be a very exciting event! Eden on the Bay is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most bikini clad ladies in a parade. I’m sure we’re going to sell a hell of a lot of beer as the gents will need to calm their nerves! Continue reading

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Irish uprising world-wide

Whisky without a kilt

You don't need a kilt to love whiskey!

I like to think I know a lot of stuff. A little of that is about whiskey, but I would never claim to be an expert. No kilt, no secret handshake & no big moustache that has previously described the typical whisky drinker. No, I just like my Irish and that’s that.

It’s not because Irish whiskey is the underdog, I just find it to be the softest and most gentle to my palate and know many people who feel the same way.

So why is it that Irish whiskey is only seeing resurgence in the last 10 or 15 years? Is it because Jameson has become a household name through big budget advertising? Or is it that slowly but surely more people are rediscovering an amazing style of whiskey? I went to do a bit of reading and just confirmed what I’d already learned while managing The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey over the last year – the Irish were bad businessmen and didn’t look after an indigenous tradition of producing the finest single malt whiskey. But they are on their way back! Continue reading

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