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Cheers 2011, hello 2012!

Laborie Bubby! Yummy!

A beautiful Brut to see in a new year!

It’s been an interesting year for us. One that started with the three of us taking craft and independent products into the trade, progressed to us appearing at markets, events and festivals as beer educators promoting craft beer, and has ended with us doing all of these things and blogging to boot!

We would like to wish all of our followers a very happy and safe new year and hope that with fine spirit and craft brews, we can help you make 2012 better than 2011, and if we can’t, our offerings will certainly help you through it.

So, from Rouvanne, Lenny and myself, Cheers!

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Gecko – The original original?

Gecko Caramel TwoVodk Logo on whicte background

Gecko - So stylish!

After our article on fusion vodkas on Wednesday, there has been a lot of excitement. The comments started coming through thick and fast as did the emails and Twitter messages. There were of course, positive and negative responses, but I did promise to post any responses from the brands that I got. Here are the answers from Gecko Vodka to the questions I asked:

Gecko Caramel TwoVodk, The Original

Gecko Caramel TwoVodk Liquor

1. Who is the brain behind Gecko?
Gecko and the concept of Caramel Vodka was first conceived by Francisco Javier Fernandez Vega. Javier started his own small multi-brand distribution company in the early 1990’s but after realizing that margins in the industry were shrinking due to the merging of numerous larger distributors, he had the idea of creating his own brand of beverages that could be marketed without relying on anyone. The flagship product was to be the Caramel Vodka stemming from the fact that in Spain, people like to experience liqueurs but not necessarily the alcoholic taste associated with them. Continue reading

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Lovoka – The original copy?

Choc Cocktail

Fusion vodkas make yummy cocktails

Vodka Fusions seem to be appearing more and more. The first one that I was introduced to (like most of us) was, Lovoka Liqueur Fusion. Then I started noticing other “copy cats” popping up Carvo, FUSIONice and Thunder. But who is the original and who is the copy cat? The liquor industry is cut throat and every original recipe and idea needs to be launched, marketed, implemented and guarded very carefully in order to become a success and Lovoka seemed to have got their formula right from the start.


The original Original

While looking around on the web for other vodka flavour fusions, I stumbled upon a Spanish product, Gecko Vodka. They claim to be the original caramel vodka and their product is packaged in a very familiar aluminium bottle. So I started asking questions. Two brands in particular came back to me, Lovoka and FUSIONice and their answers piqued my curiosity. Here is what they had to say: Continue reading


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Arriving Alive

It’s weekend and it’s December. Always a dangerous time to be on the roads in South Africa. It’s a time to celebrate, let the hair down and enjoy your favourite beverages with friends and family!

But of course if you enjoy too much there is always a chance that you will make someone else’s Christmas wish list… Especially the guy a the end of this little video.

Have a safe weekend folks!

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