Trader Trio

Bringing you great booze!

World Focus 2130 cc is a small passionate agency that has built up a Super Premium catalogue of products from around the world that sell into the South African market.

We are bulk-breakers. Trail-blazers.We build brands in a shorter time, and with less budget than any of the big boys can.

We import, we sell, we distribute and we specialise in presenting our wares at events & festivals, bringing stunning alternatives to markets with a thirst for quality.

We support the micro-brewery. The Micro-distillery. We promote craftmanship. We cater to the individual.

There are so many stories to tell about our experiences on the road, in the trade, and this is where you will find them. It’s not all about business though, because relationships and personal attention is what makes business our pleasure.

Rouvanne, Lenny & Jamie

Our associations:

the Beer Garden

Our Events Division

Napier Brewery

Africa's southern most brewery


A new lifestyle approach

Everson's Cider

Pure, fresh & real

Bloemendal Wine Estate

Bloemendal Wine Estate


Jorgensen's Distillery

Beverage Emporium

The Beverage Emporium


Real beer people