First Birthday Cider-bration!

Everson's Cider

Liquid Gold

It’s Bok Friday and we are wearing our green and drinking our gold. The crisp, dry, golden Everson’s Cider is officially a year old today!

The company, Everson’s Cider, was formed in September 2010, the branding was revamped with new labels and marketing material and the production grew to accommodate the growing demand for Everson’s Cider.

Green Apple

Get one for Granny Smith too!

For the last year, Everson’s Cider has been giving the South African “Cider Drinker” a much needed education. Their dry apple cider is made from a variety of five apples grown locally in Grabouw (Ja, I thought there were only three kinds too) and you can taste the unequivocal love and attention that has gone into hand picking every one of those spherical beauties.

Stock up for Summer!

Join us in raising a glass (or bottle) of real cider in celebration of this 7% beauty’s first annual occasion! You haven’t tried it? You haven’t lived! You don’t belive me? Try it!

A list of outlets where you can find this thirst quencher can be found here. Drink it cold or over ice. Ask for it!

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