Drinking gin in South Africa will never be the same again

Jorgensen's Gin

An exception-to-the-rule gin

Every now and then a product comes along that makes me think ‘‘Wow! This is just perfect!” The problem being that this seems to happen every time Roger Jorgensen releases a new product from Jorgensen’s Distillery in Wellington and so this has occurred 5 times in the last 8 months!

We have just received our first load of Jorgensen’s Gin and it took just one sip to fall in love. Roger has once again created a product that is outstanding and this gin is going to bring great joy to all who are lucky enough to enjoy it!


Macedonian Juniper

Roger explains that the idea behind Jorgensen’s Gin is to provide a gentle and subtle gin that has obvious roots in juniper and citrus yet must demonstrate ethereal notes that linger and please. It is designed as a sipping gin, soft rather than sharp, yet working well in the classic cocktails particularly the martini, a gin and French and a pink gin. The traditional G&T is best with Fever Tree or Fentinams tonic.


Brighter only in label

We held a small comparative tasting and poured equal measures of Gordons, Tanqueray, Bombay Saphire & Jorgensen’s Gin and it was a very one-sided battle with Jorgensen’s Gin knocking all 3 competitors out cold! I also discovered that a good gin is divine straight, with just a little ice and a dash of fresh lime.

Angelica archangelica

Angelica archangelica

Roger found it important to put an African twist to one of the world’s favourite spirits, and so look for sweet naartjie and Cape lemon on the nose, as well as spicy Grains of Paradise and perfumed Namibian Ohandwa, whilst earth flavours come from rare home grown African ginger, calamus root, orris root and angelica root. But the first thing that delights the nose is the spicy juniper, wild harvested in the Tuscan hills, making it the cornerstone of Jorgensen’s Gin.

A combination of techniques have been used to ensure subtlety: maceration of core botanicals in pure wine spirits and re-distillation start the process, and during re-distillation the more delicate and valuable aromatics are vapour bathed to retain their delicacy.


Sauvingnac 1997

I have only conducted 3 tastings thus far, with Tony Garcia of Tony’s Liquors in Westbeach, Warren Fischer from Wasabi in Constantia Village and Joachim Hansi Blackadder of the Roundhouse in Camps Bay and the consensus has been exactly the same – Roger Jorgensen is incredibly talented and definitely a master distiller! This gin is the cherry (or naartjie) on top of an impressive array of products that include Primitiv Vodka, Naked Lemon Limoncello, Savingnac Potstilled Brandy & Field of Dreams Absinthe.

Jorgensen’s Gin will only be available in a select number of stores around the Western Cape (Keep an eye on the Jorgensen’s Gin Page) as the distillery is only producing a limited amount of their gin. So when you see it, buy it, because you don’t know when you’ll see it again.

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