Bringing Camelthorn beers to you!


A very full stand for beer lovers

It was quite a hectic couple of weeks in the World Focus offices. When you have two arms to the business, the distribution and bulk-breaking that we do during the week getting our products into stores around the Western Cape, and our eventing side where we take products to events and festivals and educate the public about beautiful new products that are available through the Beer Garden.

CBC postcard

Only beer with real flavour

So last weekend it was the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town which took up much of our time, but on top of that we have had a very interesting time taking on new products that we feel are going to do very well here. Why? Because we enjoy them and so are happy to share them with as many people as possible! We signed up Everson’s Handcrafted Cider and Namibia’s Camelthorn Brewing Company, as well as receiving our first shipment of Oettinger from Germany. Now its a case of getting it out there.

CBC brewery

A look in the brewery

Camelthorn Brewing Company was started in 2008, with their first brews being available at their opening a year later. Since then it has grown steadily in Namibia, and all it’s showings in the Cape have been met with an awesome reception. People are loving the beer, and there is something there for everyone with their range of flavours and styles.

Jorg and family

The Finkeldey family

Jörg Finkeldey built some 360 breweries around the world before deciding to return home to Namibia with his family and build his own where he’d be able to make the beers that he loved. He says that he and his brother Hanno, who lives in Cape Town and is seen at all the Camelthorn Brewing Company’s showings, had such a great upbringing in Namibia and he wanted his 2 boys to be able to enjoy the same – and so they left the USA. I also had a great upbringing here in the Cape, but hell, if only my dad had owned a brewery!

Michael Plank

Gold & Silver winner Michael Plank

CBC is offering their Weizen, a Bavarian Weiss-beer or cloudy wheat beer, their Red American Ale, a lovely Helles or unfiltered lager and the 2.5 % Fresh Weiss-beer throughout the year as their standard range. Then they specialise in two seasonal beers, the Bok, a dark, smooth, creamy, beautiful 7% Weiss-beer during the winter months, hand-crafted by the World Beer Cup champion brewer Michael Plank especially for CBC, and a Sundowner during the summer months – I haven’t known the company long enough to try the Sundowner, so I wait in anticipation for that.

The Jorgensen's

We really enjoy working for these small passionate breweries and distilleries. It’s their passion and hard work that gets a brand into people’s minds and eventually into their shopping baskets, because you have to ensure that you’ve got great product to be able to make it. Napier Brewery, Triggerfish, Jorgensen’s Distillery, Wilderer’s Distillery and Camelthorn are all of the above. Started because of a dream, run with passion and producing product of such a high standard that it is a pleasure to sell.

Camelthorn is already available at quite a few outlets and restaurants in the Cape, a small amount in Johannesburg, and even in Sweden, but we’re going to be working hard to ensure that the full range is available in as many good quality restaurants, pubs and liquor stores as possible. You deserve to treat yourself to quality.

CBC glasses

Pour one to love one

I know that Camelthorn has been doing very well at venues such as La Cabane in Hout Bay, The German Club in Gardens and from liquor stores such as Tops Cape Quarter (who have an excellent beer selection) and Tops Die Boord. For a full list, check out the Camelthorn Brewing Company page in our products pages.

CBC tap

Keg love

We are going to be looking forward to arranging competitions and give-aways, as well as appearing around the Cape to give tastings at events and bottles store promotions to get more people to enjoy this wonderful range of beers. We have permission to set up taps and so it’ll be great to let people sample straight from the keg!

We are going to be assisting with creating more awareness online for the brand, as well as working closely with them to come up with some great packaging. It’s important to let brewers brew, marketers market and distributors get it out there and so we’re looking forward to the synergy of putting our skills together with those of Jörg and Hanno.

If you haven’t yet tried a Camelthorn, do yourself a favour. It’s real beer!

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