No Lovoka, no satisfaction

Lovoka Fusion

So sexy

We have had loads of requests for Lovoka Fusion Liqueur and to date, Cape Town has had a serious shortage of the wonderful flavoured fusion liqueurs. You can see from our comments page how many people are passionate about this product range, and with the demand country-wide, it is pretty much pure excitement!

Lovoka Choc

Lovely Lovoka

We’ve had to hold off on offering Lovoka (I am seriously missing a Chocolate fix myself!) for the last couple of weeks as it seems that there has been a change-over of distributors nationally and so there has been almost no stock available.

We’ve chatted to Lovoka directly to see how we can rectify this and satisfy our many customers who were just getting used to the request for, “Have you got any of the chocolate/caramel vodka?” for an increasing amount of customers. And we have made a plan.

Lovoka ice cream

No Lovoka, no satisfaction

I’m unable to confirm when it will be available, but as soon as the paperwork has been completed and we are sure that stock will be arriving at our offices, I will let you know.

We want you to enjoy it. Where ever you are. Who ever you are with. How ever you like it. I just haven’t been able to face ice-cream for weeks without it. So I am with you. I feel with you!

Lovoka Vodka Chocolate Fusion Liqueur

Lovoka Vodka Caramel Fusion Liqueur

Lovoka Premium Vodka


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2 responses to “No Lovoka, no satisfaction

  1. morne

    Dear All ,

    We are pleased to announce that Lovoka Caramel and Chocolate will now be available in most reputable retail outlets across the country . In our effort to build a world class brand from Proudly South African origin we have partnered with Douglas Green our famous wine maker , to sell and distribute our products nationwide and we firmly believe that the “shortage” of stock will be resolved within the week or so whereby every nook and cranny in South Africa will have the luxury of enjoying our brand. It is fantastic to hear that we have such great support locally .

    We will keep all our supporters and fans updated on this blog and on our facebook page please log in and join our page for future updates and competitions.

    Lovoka Management

    • Rouvanne

      Thanks for that Morne.

      It has been a number of weeks since this post, and although we did get limited stock of Lovoka from DG I am still not seeing it around in the market. Have had many liquor store managers and owners complaining that they never see the DG reps, and the only way they can get orders is by phoning in themselves which not many people do.

      But yes – its fantastic what massive support & love there is for Lovoka around the Cape. Capies do know a good thing when they taste it!

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