Labories Lazy Days Market

World Focus stand

A stand from heaven

Since we started World Focus 2130CC we have not only taken our product into the trade selling into liquor stores and on-consumption venues, but very importantly appeared at music festivals, food fairs and markets as a means of getting in touch with the consumer directly. We don’t only sell booze, because anybody can do that, but enjoy engaging and educating people about all of the wonderful products that we have in our stable.


Eat your heart out city-slickers!

Last Saturday, the 5th of February, saw Laborie host their first weekly Lazy Days Market in Paarl and we were once again there in force with a full range of beers, spirits and liqueurs. As I often say in welcome to inquisitive buyers, “Welcome to heaven” because anyone who enjoys good beer feels right at home when arriving at our stand!

It was a stunning day out in the country, and Laborie is such a beautiful venue for a morning market. Looking out over the Paarl valley, with Paarl Rock rising in the background, this 320-year old farm is perfect to host this Farmers Market.

WF Stand

Serving a cold Robsons

We’d set up our stand with a range of ice-cold Erdinger Dunkel, Weissbeer & Kristall, some gorgeous Valentins HefeWeissbeer, Tiger, Cobra, Singha, Robsons East Coast Ale & Durban Pale Ale as well as a new range that we are now selling individually and as a gift pack, the Maredsous range of Blonde (@ 6%), Bruin (@ 8%) & Triple (@ 10%!). The gift pack includes a stunning gold-rimmed glass that truly makes the drinking of this Belgian Abbey beer a pleasure.


Maredsous flew off the stand

We also provided small tastings of our pride & joy Primitiv Vodka & Naked Lemon Limoncello from Jorgensen’s Distillery, while also presenting their Field of Dreams Absinthe – though at 72% we were certainly not going to offer samples in the morning! The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey collection attracted lots of interest, as did our Strawberry Kiss Whisky Liqueur, and I saw a number of knees go weak when people tasted a new South African product, Lovoka Chocolate Vodka & Caramel Vodka – both served ice cold as a liqueur fusion. Stunning!

Laborie market

Look forward to seeing you

We are going to be back there this weekend, and are hoping that our stock of Liefmans Fruitesse, the fruit beer that spends 18 months fermenting on a bed of cherries, will be in the warehouse and so on our stand. It’s the one product that I can say with absolute confidence, “Buy it, and if you don’t like it I’ll give you a full refund” because I haven’t yet met a person who didn’t!

We look forward to seeing you there this weekend, and not knowing where it is is no excuse – here’s a map on how to get there!


FResh ek se


Vars vannie plaas


For you to get fresh

Olive oil

Lekker olive oils


Fun for everyone


There is even green stuff!


Sweets for my sweet


Good lookin' cookin'

Thanks to Darielle from DNA Events for the pics.


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