Little Known Blues Festival

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The Trader Trio

Having been a part of the South African music scene for many years I really enjoy attending events that promote our many talented musicians from the Cape. Now we’re out there selling awesome beers & spirits which makes for an even more relaxing atmosphere in some really great settings.

This weekend (Saturday 15 January) we’ll be a part of the Little Known Blues Festival being launched at Bloemendal Wine Estate in the Durbanville hills, and we’ll not only be whetting your whistle, but hopefully also providing a bit more of an education as to what makes a great beer stand above the rest!

Craig Cannon


I had contact with Craig Cannon, one of the committee members organising the launch of this event, and he sent through the following information:

“A small group of us started this “Little Known Blues Festival” as a way of giving the lesser known blues bands and up & coming blues bands an opportunity to show their stuff to the public. We have built a bush bar & bush stage in between the trees at the Bloemendal Wine farm. It’s an awesome venue.

The project was tackled by Mike Crawford who as I’m sure u all know does all the festivals at Bloemendal and a few more like the Durbanville Beerfest. Mike is also one of the members as he also plays in a new blues band called “The Studerbakers” All members who run the L.K.B.F play in one of the new up & coming blues bands.

The Studerbakers

The Studerbakers

The Bands playing this week:

Smokestack Mojo
Hellfire Blues Club
The Studerbakers
The Diamondback Blues Band

2pm – 9pm

Smokestack Mojo

Smokestack Mojo

All the bands are working together to supply equipment and staff for the events which will be a regular thing as soon as it all kicks off…which is this saturday. (Only R20 for 5 bands…bargain)
After that we will be doing a couple of bands every week or 2nd week pulling in a new band or 2 to play with them.

We will be planning gigs around all the sporting events coming up like super 14 etc.

L.K.B.F. Committee members:

Rene Avenant (Chairman)
Craig Cannon
Mike Crawford
Fritz Brand
Jason Coetzee

World Focus stand

We'll have the full range

Of course, as I mentioned, we’ll be there with a wonderful array of products, such as the smooth Erdinger range, some Liefmans Fruitesse, Durban’s Robson’s range of beers, Napier’s lager on tap, Primitiv Vodka, Limoncello, Tiger, Singha, Cobra and of course the monster in a bottle Duvel.

So join us, support local music, and have a great day under the trees at Bloemendal!

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