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Bikinis, babes & beer at Eden

Eden on the Bay

What a view!

The Eden on the Bay Christmas market is something new on the calendar, and although it has finished for the year, it is certainly one that will grow. The venue has some of the most breath-taking views, and apart from the wide variety of restaurants, shops and cafe’s, they have also created some great events that will set the venue above others.

Where else will you find some 450 bikini clad ladies strutting their stuff in bikini’s? Continue reading

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International beers & gifts

Rockstar ladies

Ladies join the fun! Gents... be there!

We are very excited to have been invited to create a small international beer garden from today until Sunday at Eden on the Bay. Their market, that usually runs on Sundays, has become very popular and we had a great time there this past Sunday.

From today we will have a whole range of beautiful beers, as well as a number of other spirits that we will be offering as Christmas gifting – after all it is the season to be joyful!

I do also have to mention that on Saturday there will be a very exciting event! Eden on the Bay is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most bikini clad ladies in a parade. I’m sure we’re going to sell a hell of a lot of beer as the gents will need to calm their nerves! Continue reading

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Beer festival of the year at Hillcrest!

Durbanville Beer Fest

Pour that man a Duvel!

For those who missed out on the Durbanville Beer Fest held at Hillcrest Wine Estate this past Saturday – you missed out on the party of the year and what is probably the best beer festival we’ve been to. The weather was perfect for a relaxed day lounging on the grass listening to some excellent music with some very fine beers to choose from.

We’d been expecting the Cape Doctor to blow the head off every beer we poured, but in the quarry at Hillcrest we were pretty well sheltered. Sunscreen flowed, shade brought strangers together and altogether not one complaint was heard from any of the beautiful crowd. Continue reading


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Durbanville Beer Fest 11 December 2010

Beer fest

Dubanville Beer Fest 11 December 2010

Its origins may not be from the Champagne valley of France, the bubbles not as fine, and the glass used not as sleek, yet it is used on more celebratory occasions than any other.

To celebrate the true culture of South Africans, we bring you the Durbanville Beer Festival. From the micro breweries, to the giants of South Africa, all at one celebration will make this a sought after event on the Cape Town annual events calendar. Continue reading

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Irish uprising world-wide

Whisky without a kilt

You don't need a kilt to love whiskey!

I like to think I know a lot of stuff. A little of that is about whiskey, but I would never claim to be an expert. No kilt, no secret handshake & no big moustache that has previously described the typical whisky drinker. No, I just like my Irish and that’s that.

It’s not because Irish whiskey is the underdog, I just find it to be the softest and most gentle to my palate and know many people who feel the same way.

So why is it that Irish whiskey is only seeing resurgence in the last 10 or 15 years? Is it because Jameson has become a household name through big budget advertising? Or is it that slowly but surely more people are rediscovering an amazing style of whiskey? I went to do a bit of reading and just confirmed what I’d already learned while managing The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey over the last year – the Irish were bad businessmen and didn’t look after an indigenous tradition of producing the finest single malt whiskey. But they are on their way back! Continue reading

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Arriving Alive

It’s weekend and it’s December. Always a dangerous time to be on the roads in South Africa. It’s a time to celebrate, let the hair down and enjoy your favourite beverages with friends and family!

But of course if you enjoy too much there is always a chance that you will make someone else’s Christmas wish list… Especially the guy a the end of this little video.

Have a safe weekend folks!

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Cape Town Festival of Beer 2010

CT Festival of Beer

Supporting micro-brewers!

We had great pleasure being a small part of the first annual Cape Town Festival of Beer last week – we saw it as a good way to get to know more about the wide variety of beers out on the market, and this seemed to be the perfect place to gain some knowledge. And boy did we learn fast!

Of course my personal feeling was that we were at the busiest stand, but then it was pretty impressive as we did have 15 beers on offer and so there was something for everyone who came to join us. Continue reading

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International Bar @ Obz Fest 2010!

Obz Fest 3 - 5 December 2010

International Bar @ Obz CAfe

Obz Fest is this weekend (3 – 5 Dec) and we are very excited that we will be supplying a wide range of beers to the international bar at Obz Cafe!

From Friday you’ll be able to enjoy a super smooth Fosters draught (Australia), delight in a Valentines Weiss beer (Germany), be tickled pink with a Liefmans Fruitesse (that’s a Belgian cherry beer), sample the Erdinger Dunkel or Kristal (Germany) over & over, or just decide that the Duvel (Belgium’s 8.5% beauty) is just the best beer in the world. The local representatives are from Durban (Shongweni Brewery) with the Robson East Coast Ale and the award-winning Robson’s West Coast Ale – the only South African beers included in Ben McFarland’s book “World’s Best Beers – 1000 Unmissable Brews” Continue reading

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Introduction to the Traders

We always send out the corporate splurb about who we are and that we’re pretty good at what we do, but how often do we actually say what we believe in and strive for?

We want to do things differently. Be treated the same way we treat others, and in that, treat others fairly and with respect.

There is enough business out there for everyone. And everyone needs to make a buck. So the better we are able to work with each other, the better our work will be. It’s going back to basics. It’s living and working according to the principal of ubuntu – that I am only as good as the people around me. Continue reading

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